Marco Plüss

Concept Art, 3D & and GameDev

I'm a concept and 3D artist with founded knowledge in game
development, digital visualization, and game design.

Concept art & Illustrations

Exploratory concept art based on photos from Zürich City

Making design decisions is tricky. Concept art helps to explore styles and design variations and communicate ideas to the development team. My concepts cover a broad band of styles and will give artistic depth to any project.

From the best ideas, I will deliver high-quality visualizations. They consist of classic illustrations, digital paintings or 3D renderings.

Game design

Excerpt out of a game design concept document

As a game designer, I’m used to making creative decisions and discussing them within a team. I won’t be precious about my ideas and love the process of exploring. Often concepts will be continuously reduced until their purest essence is extracted.

In the so called Game Design Document all specifications are collected. This document serves as a clear guide and discussion base for the team. In it, you will find extensive information on core mechanics, gameplay, designs and art.

Assets & Gamedev

3D game asset with substance based texturing

In a full grown asset pipeline, there are the substeps of modeling, texturing, rigging, animating and integration into the desired game engine or 3D render software. I can execute all of these processes and will focus on creative, nondestructive solutions.

I recommend building fully functional prototypes to test the substantial parts like gameplay and do-ability of a game. These testable games can solve problems before the extensive asset production has even started. I normally program these prototypes in either the Unreal Engine or Unity.

My skills

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