Edge of Revolution - Chapter I - Riot Rising

Edge of Revolution

- Game Project -

Chapter I - Riot Rising is all about the troubling life of a poor young factory worker, that tries hard to support his family. He works long shifts in the growing steel industry, just to be able to buy the daily ration of food for his brothers.

After loosing his family, he is pushed into the underground movement. Ever battling the omnipresent regime, he slowly grows into his new role of a revolutionary hero.

As this epic RPG unfolds, the player will find himself in a living 3D environment during the industrial revolution. He has to sneak past police patrols, steal food and finally earn his place among the oppressed revolutionaries by completing dangerous missions.

Alpha Gameplay

Hand rig from the title screen

Hand rig from the title screen Video

Concept art

Game Design Document

The design document was one of my main tasks to this project. It described all important game mechanics, art style, and assets to be used. Always kept up-to-date, it became the base document for discussions, design iterations, reference for AI (artificial intelligence) behavior and testing.

Game design document of Edge of Revolution

Asset production for the Unreal Engine

As our student project-team was going to build up an entire district of the capital city, we had to plan our assets towards that purpose. We had to limit the number of polygons as much as possible, reuse textures and convert lots of them to «Substances». The many NPC-characters were generated with Adobe’s Fuse / Mixamo. Some of them received a refurbish eventually, to match the historical guidelines of Edge of Revolution.

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