Pirates Bay - A game of strategical defense<br> and cursing pirates

Pirates Bay

- Game Project -

Compared to other «tower defense» games, Pirates Bay excels in its elitist approach. Instead of spawning massive amounts of mobs on a lane, the player is confronted with some few units.

Each unit type has its own strengths and weaknesses and forces the player to react accordingly. Every move must be planned strategically, for the player to prevail.

Alpha Gameplay

Alpha Gameplay Video

Concept art

Game Design Document

Being the central document of this project, it is both the space for exploration and guidance during development. Having the agile process to pass through it, helps to separate design from development. In other terms: I can focus on conceptualizing without the technical restrictions and develop the game, having the GDD always at hand as a clear reference.

It contains everything of importance, from the core game-mechanics to the epic stories around the Infamous captain Seadull. Drawn GUI elements, concept art, explanatory graphics and screenshots from other games give a visual reference. While the details and goals of the mechanics and assets are thoroughly listed.

Game design document of Pirates Bay

Development with Unity & Co

Unity game engine logo

For this project, I chose the unity engine. Its simplicity made it the perfect platform during the school time. One could directly jump in into prototyping and experiment with different gameplay elements. Based on this prototype I started to include animated 3D models, GUI textures, music, sounds and lots of special effects, to slowly converted it towards a full grown game project.

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